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Non-Standart Installation of Air Conditioners

What are we doing?

Installation requires free access to the window from which the outdoor unit will be installed, and the ability to fully open this window. It also requires free access to the section of the wall on which the indoor unit, decorative boxes with communications and a power cable will be located.

The cost of installing the air conditioner depends on the capacity of the air conditioner and the diameter of the pipes. We can calculate the exact cost of installation upon arrival of our specialist to the installation site of the air conditioning.

Installation features:

  • Installation of a multi-split system: each indoor unit is assessed as a separate split system of the corresponding capacity.
  • Installation of an outdoor unit with a capacity of 5 kW or more under a window is possible only with the involvement of an industrial climber (except when the unit is installed at a height of up to 3 meters from the ground).
  • Climber services are not included in the standard installation and are paid separately.

Non-Standard installation conditions:

  • Installation of the air conditioner in two stages. At the first stage (during the repair), all the noisy and dusty work is performed, a groove is cut (a recess in the wall), in which inter-unit communications are hidden (in this case, they then do not have to be closed with a box, which can disrupt the design of the room). At the second stage, after the completion of the repair, it remains only to fix the indoor unit on the wall and perform commissioning.
  • Installation of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner on a blank wall, on the side or above the window (with the assistance of an industrial climber or lifting mechanisms).
  • Installation of a protective visor over the outdoor unit of the air conditioner (protects the outdoor unit from icicles and snow when cleaning the roof).
  • Installation of a protective anti-vandal grill (used when installing an air conditioner on the ground floor).
  • Fastening external communications to the wall or closing them with a box.
  • Increase in the total length of the track.
  • Conclusion of drainage into the sewerage system, including with the use of a drainage pump (allows you to place the drainage drain above the level of the indoor unit).
  • Laying communications in the groove and other work.

Visit of a specialist to the object.

Our specialist can come at a convenient time for you to calculate the exact cost of installation work and agree on the location of equipment and communications. For registration of the application «Contact us».







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